Web Design & Management Consultancy

Website Consultancy
Do you have a clear understanding of what your organization REALLY NEEDS for your website project? Cyber-Flex will help define your organizational goals and technical requirements. We deliver a well written Proposal or technical specification document that you can utilize for your project.

Project Oversight
Would you feel more comfortable with an expert on your side during the project life cycle? Justus Cyril E. will oversee website projects your organization is undertaking with Cyber-Flex Solutions. Having an expert managing your project will ensure it is done properly and on time.

Content Creation/Developemnt
Does your organization have the expertise to create a sound, technical Website Content? The WebContent is the most important document for ensuring a successful website project. A great WebContent clearly defines your organizational requirements and recommended technologies. It ensures that the project is executed based on Organisation specifications, allowing you to see the clear cost differences between each recommended solution.

Website Design/Usability
Does your organization have a successful, user-centric web design? Because your website design is so important, and defines your brand, it is essential it is done right and follows the best practice principals for proper usability. Some organizations hire Cyber-Flex Solutions to design the look and feel of their website if they already have secured an organization to do their development.

HOST Vendor Selection
Do you have the technology expertise to choose the right company for your project? If your organization is undertaking a project that requires a unique hosting specification doesn’t fall within the core capabilities of Cyber-Flex Solutions, Justus Cyril E. will work as a consultant for your organization to help you choose the right vendor to work on your project.

Site Management
Do you have the resources to manage and support the health of your website post launch? Let Cyber-Flex Solutions help improve your web investment by managing and maintaining the health of your website. We provide a variety of services that are guaranteed to drive traffic, improve conversions, and build brand integrity.

Call or email to learn more about our Web Design consulting services:  +234-803-185-8700 or info@cyberflexsolutions.com

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